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Science assistant in laboratory with microscope slide of cancer stem cells

About us

Regenerative medicine aims to repair, replace or regenerate damaged tissues, using cell or gene therapy and tissue engineering. 

The Manchester Regenerative Medicine Network (MaRMN) brings together internationally renowned biologists, material scientists, bioengineers and clinicians to translate basic biological research into viable clinical therapies. 

MaRMN aims to:

  • bring together basic scientists from the different disciplines to enhance the University’s capacity in regenerative medicine and enable strategic multidisciplinary grant bids;
  • help basic scientists move their projects into clinical protocols by creating links with clinicians interested in translating new cell, gene and bioengineering protocols to the clinic.

Meet the board...

Board members

MaRMN - Guilio CossuProfessor Giulio Cossu (Board Member)

Constance Thornley Professor of Regenerative Medicine
View Professor Giulio Cossu’s research profile.


MaRMN - Judith HoylandProfessor Judith Hoyland (Board Member)

Professor of Molecular Pathology
View Professor Judith Hoyland’s research profile.


MaRMN - Sue KimberProfessor Susan Kimber (Director)

Professor of Stem Cells and Development
View Professor Susan Kimber’s research profile.


MaRMN - Enrique AmayaProfessor Enrique Amaya (Board Member)

Professor of Tissue Regeneration
View Professor Enrique Amaya’s research profile.


MaRMN - Alberto SaianiProfessor Alberto Saiani (Biomaterials Advisor)

Professor of Molecular Materials
View Dr Alberto Saiani’s research profile.


Dr Rachel Taylor (Board Member)

PhD, MRC/ UK Research & Innovation Fellow, Evolutions and Genomics
View Dr Rachel Taylor’s research profile.


Dr Neil Roberts (Board Member)

Research Fellow
View Dr Neil Robert’s research profile.


Dr Sandra Vranic (Board Member)

Lecturer in Nano-Cell Biology
View Dr Sandra Vranic’s research profile.