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Transverse histological section of a mouse embryo stained with an antibody

Haematology and angiology

The use of bone marrow transplants is one of the longest standing clinical techniques in regenerative medicine; it has been refined to the point where only haematopoietic stem cells can be transplanted when needed.

This deeper understanding of how blood and blood vessels are generated holds great potential, which includes not only the growth of blood vessels, but also the generation of whole blood in vitro. 

Our expertise



  • Shane Herbert

    View Shane’s research profile.

    Shane’s research focuses on molecular and cellular mechanisms of angiogenesis.

  • Valerie Kouskoff

    View Valerie’s research profile.

    Research in Valerie’s group focuses on further understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the formation of the haematopoietic system.

  • Georges Lacaud

    View Georges’ research profile.

    Georges’ lab is interested in the role of transcription factors in the development, maintenance and malignancies of the haematopoietic system.