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Neurons derived from patient specific iPS cells


Our research comprises stem cell and gene therapies to treat neurological genetic diseases, as well as methods to improve nerve regeneration.

This work includes the use of induced pluripotent stem cells differentiated to neurons, brain endothelial cells, pericytes and astrocytes to help elucidate the molecular aetiology of neurodegenerative diseases, and utilising novel polymer nerve conduits to enhance peripheral nerve regeneration. 

Our expertise



  • Stuart Allan

    View Stuart’s research profile.

    Stuart’s research focuses on the molecular mechanisms mediating brain damage in cerebrovascular disease and designing regenerative therapies. He also explores potential treatment for neuro-inflammation post-stroke.

  • Jonny Blaker

    View Jonny’s research profile.

    Jonny’s research focuses on: stimulatory (bio-active) fibre scaffolds for regenerative medicine; nanofiber spinning technologies and inks for 3D bio printing; peripheral nerve regeneration, skin regeneration, and coronary arteries.

  • Giulio Cossu

    View Giulio’s research profile.

    Giulio’s group develops cell therapy protocols for muscular dystrophy and tests these protocols first in animal models and then in phase I/II clinical trials.

  • Rania Deranieh

    Rania develops cancer and human stem cell-derived 3D culture models (spheroids and organoids) to study the interaction of human cells with nanomaterials and to develop novel theranostics.

  • Karel Dorey

    View Karel’s research profile.

    Karel’s group is elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms governing spinal cord regeneration in Xenopus with the goal to improve outcomes for those with spinal cord injuries.   

  • Sergio Oliveira Formoso

    View Sergio’s research profile.

    Sergio’s research focuses on biomaterial-based platforms to aid in regeneration of peripheral nerves as the potential key points in regenerative medicine.

  • Natalie Gardiner

    View Natalie’s research profile.

    By characterising the changes in the nervous system and their end-organs (e.g. skin and urinary bladder) in experimental diabetes, Natalie hopes to develop new protective/regenerative treatments for diabetic neuropathy.

  • Nigel Hooper

    View Nigel’s research profile.

    Nigel is using induced pluripotent stem cells differentiated to neurons, brain endothelial cells, pericytes and astrocytes, embedded in 3D hydrogel scaffolds to probe the molecular and cellular mechanisms underpinning neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Maria Jeziorska

    View Maria’s research profile.

    Maria’s research is focussed on small fibre nerve fibres and microvasculature in peripheral neuropathies in diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and connective tissue diseases.

  • Robert Lucas

    View Robert’s research profile.

    Robert applies his expertise in the mechanisms of photoreception to develop methods by which light can be used to remotely control cell physiology for regenerative medicine.

  • Samuel Moxon

    View Samuel’s research profile.

    Samuel’s research focuses on the development of hydrogel-based models of neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Emmanuel Pinteaux

    View Emmanuel’s research profile.

    Emmanuel’s research is to characterise and develop new regenerative medicine solutions (stem cell therapy, biomaterials) for the therapeutic treatment of stroke.

  • Adam Reid

    View Adam's research profile.

    Adam’s research compliments his clinical interests in plastic surgery, in particular surgical reconstruction following trauma. He works on novel interventions in pre-clinical models of peripheral nerve injury.